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Business Development and Sales

Increase International Sales

Are you facing a challenge in introducing, promoting or selling your products/services in a new country or market?
I will be more than happy to share my knowledge and execute targeted activities with a focused goal of increasing your sales internationaly!
Contact me for a free discussion on if/how I can be of assistance.

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General Management Services

Efficiency, Streamlining and Cost Savings

Do you need assistance in streamlining and improving your business processes? Do you have a Dutch B.V. you need to maintain but are not located in the Netherlands?
With years of experience working with and for companies of all sizes and in different sectors, international experience, creativity and a positive attitude I can help your business be more efficient, save costs and improve service!
Contact me to discuss your specific situation and how/if I may be of assistance.

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Support and Sales Training

Professional Client interactions and English Language

Are your customers demanding? Do you feel they are 'difficult' to work with? It all boils down to how you deal with them!
With many years of dealing with very demanding (such as U.S.) customers I can help you improve your processes and upgrade the way you interact with prospects and existing customers.
In cooperation with Common Links we can also offer you combined English language improvement courses with Support and Sales Improvement best practices. 
Contact me for more details and an introductory evaluation call.


Photography and Videography

Practical Video and Photography Applications

Do you have a need for great photos or video clips for your business or personal needs? Perhaps a short clip describing your business, or a personal profile, selling your house or need high level photos of your business location or products? Need stock photos at an attractive price?

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and see if I can be of assistance.

NOTE: all photos on this website have been taken by me

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